Financing Real Estate in Park City or Deer Valley?

There are challenges and issues that are unique to resort real estate markets.  The good news:  You can avoid wasting time and money by recognizing some of these issues up front.  

Please take a few minutes to watch the video below featuring an experienced, local lender.  Topics covered:
*Issues that commonly arise that a local lender can help you avoid.
*Rates and fees for second homes and vacation properties.
*Identifying lending issues with condominium projects up-front.
*Do you need to be in Utah to close your loan?  

There are plenty of great lending programs available for financing the purchase of second homes and investment property in the Park City & Deer Valley areas.   To help you avoid frustration, wasted time and money, it's important to work with a local Realtor and lender that understand potential issues, and can help you recognize them up front.